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Direct Instruction

This lesson was midway through the week's learning about "cell structures and organelles," which I introduced to students on Monday. This lesson had students continuing to build understanding through SOLO-structured activities online, as well as a brief interlude observing the 3D structure of play-doh cells and engaging in a group-reading with annotation and discussion questions.

Extended plan here


Students found this the most difficult content of the Term so far. It focussed completely on only 6 new vocabulary words; all either structures or organelles found in most cells. They struggled with linking the new vocabulary to their functions, and this was reflected in the end-of-week Kahoot (average scores found in the Extended plan). My latest challenge is that students wander quickly off task as I move away from them. They do not seem very self-directed at the moment. I think I am going to have to implement "focus browsing" next week.

Class Site Content

WALT: Learn about the most common structures and organelles in cells. Living World Site here.


Students worked through different SOLO-level activities to construct understanding.

Thinking and Reading

When reaching the Relational SOLO activity, students create an analogy. This was followed by a group reading; annotating, and discussing.


Students had all completed the Unistructural Quizlet activity to 100%, so could compete in randomised teams using Quizlet Live




Learner Generated Content

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