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Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson sequence was to build students understanding of different forms of energy and how energy can change forms to the level where students could confidently identify energy changes occurring during a rocket launch.

The video documents the learning sequence (even the double-period I was absent) and includes the learning prompts/captions I inserted over the rocket launch that I wanted students to reflect on afterwards. Enjoy!

Extended plan here


This video shows a sequence of learning from the end of Term 1 at Tamaki College. I wanted to give students the opportunity to encounter a physics concept in a really fun, engaging way. The intention was to gather their prior knowledge and to use literacy strategies to build understanding of forms and transformations of energy, before working with Graphics to build and launch rockets on our school field. There is very little student-talk seen in this video, due to the absence of one of the two girls AND my own absence due to illness at the very start of the learning sequence, so I couldn't film the paired-reading session. I think my absence did hinder learning of the concept. :( In this video I have included a little teacher-talk from the lesson right before the launch. Students reported the launch was one of their favourite lessons.

Things to Note:

Journey has moved to another school. I've added a link to Havea's blog instead at the bottom of this page. Journey leaving will mean that from Term 2 I will be swapping to put another of my classes "On Air" - most likely my Year 13's as I focus on literacy in Biology with them.

Class Site Content

WALT: To be able to identify energy transformations during a rocket launch . Third Rock Workspace here.

OK Go Hook

Students watch the OK GO video and have their interest in energy transformations piqued.

Paired Reading

In pairs students read a scientific text.

Identifying Energy Changes

Individually students identify energy changes in the school's 2018 Kapa Haka performance, and after the launch - the launch.

Blog Post

Students share the video of their launch and describe the energy changes in it to their readers.




Learner Generated Content

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