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Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was to be introduced to how Auckland volcanoes are caused by something under our feet called a 'hotspot,' similar to the one the built the Hawaiian Islands.

The video focusses on the girls' perspective and involvement in the lesson; their learning talk between them as they solve a fill-in-the-blanks puzzle and also as they work together to create a stop-motion animation of a hotspot causing an eruption.

Extended plan here


As we reach the end of Term the learning sequences are having to pick up pace. There is a lot to cover in the Third Rock unit and my class are currently a bit behind in the learning programme as I've consciously been making the decision to focus on quality of learning rather than moving on to cover the full quantity of learning outcomes. The inclusion of literacy strategies has also slowed each lesson, as students need enough time to read and properly interact with texts.

This lesson was the first time students had encountered the term 'hotspot,' although we had spent the previous week and a half learning about volcanoes and volcanism in general. During the lesson I skipped quickly through 'learn' to having students 'create,' and aimed for them would learn throughout the process of modelling captions using play-doh and creating their own visuals of the process.

Class Site Content

WALT: Create an animation of how a hotspot causes volcanoes in Auckland. Third Rock Workspace here.


Students watched two videos to illustrate the concept of a hotspot under Auckland.


Students selected the correct word to go in each blank space from a list given to them at the bottom.

Stop Motion Animation

In pairs students created stop-motion animations to illustrate captions given to them about hotspots.







Learner Generated Content

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