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Direct Instruction: The learning intention for this guided reading session, was for the learners to answer questions about the text by inferring, this means using their prior knowledge and clues/ information provided in the text, to come up with their answers.

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Reflection: After having a good look at the settings on my magnificent new camera, I found the right one and I am so happy to see the quality come out much better than the previous episode. I am still cringing watching myself on camera, I noticed particularly in this lesson I seemed to say 'ok' at the end of my sentences a lot, need to stop this! I do however think the pace and clarity of my voice is really good and easy for the children to understand. I think watching the episode back I needed to get the children to reflect more on how they had answered the questions I had asked them, linking back to the learning intention of having to infer. Next time, I may say, how did you know that? What clues did you use from the text. Overall I am happy with how my episodes are progressing, I can't believe term 1 is nearly over!

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Week 9 - New, New Zealanders

WALT: use information provided by the text, and our own prior knowledge, to infer ideas and information that are not directly stated.

New New Zealanders, Written by Adrienne Jansen, Illustrated by Adrian Heke

This article introduces readers to a family who have escaped war-torn countries in the Middle East and have now embraced the freedom and safety that New Zealand offers. However, settling as refugees has its own challenges. We learn about the reasons the Kaka family had to move from Iraq to Syria, on to Lebanon, and then to New Zealand.


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