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Direct Instruction:

The learning intention of this lesson was for the children to use their experience on camp (which took place the week before), to write an interesting and detailed recount.

The video shows my literacy class learning how to write the 'sequence of events/ body' of a recount.

Extended plan here

Reflection: I really enjoyed teaching this lesson and watching it back. Camp was such an amazing experience and it made the children instantly engaged in their writing. Again I think I could do a little less talking and keep the kids on the mat more but I felt like I did a little less of this than in Episode 1. The padlet works really well as a digital tool, rewindable learning tool that the learners can use to look for words to help them in their writing.

Things to note: We got given a very cool new camera by Russell a few weeks ago. I took it to camp and had a good play with it and shot some awesome film footage of the kids kayaking on the beach. Unfortunately using this camera this week it has come out very grainy and not the best quality. I am guttered as it took such clear footage on camp, I must have been on the wrong setting, completely my fault so feeling a little silly.

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Week 7 - Camp Highlight Recount

WALT: write an interesting and detailed recount that will entertain our blog audience.


What an amazing, fun filled week we had at camp! This week you are going to choose your favourite activity you took part in on camp and write a recount about it. Remember the audience you are writing for, that is those who will ready your blog!

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Link to 'Sequencing Events' Presentation used in the lesson.

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Writing Presentation

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