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Measure it!

This episode shows snapshots of Maths sessions over a few days. Our focus has been on measuring using cm and m and working out the perimeter of a shape or area. I tried to connect the learning with real life maths examples (Creating a playground) to help the learning 'stick' and for the students to see a strong purpose for the learning.

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This lesson had many parts and it was hard to put them together as they were 'snapshots' of each session. When watching the episode I felt it was disconnected.I found the problem with taking lots of snapshots is that sometimes it takes away from the flow of the lesson. I think I took too much footage from the lesson and it doesn't give a very good whole view of the learning. But it has many parts and ideas that teachers may want to draw from.

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Measure length using cm and m

Work out the perimeter of a shape


1.Make a copy of this slide

2. Complete the tasks

3. Use the youtube clips to help you.

Remember to:

1. Create your playground design on the google slide.

2. Create a real life replica of your playground. Each 1m=1cm

4. Take pictures or a video of your playground. Share to your blog with your brief.

Measure that!!!!

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