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Hook them in..

We were writing an instructional piece, explaining how to do an activity that we completed at camp. The students could choose whichever activity they wanted but had to write to give instructions to their readers. The lesson had two main focuses, one being using a hook to engage the reader, the other focus was buddy checking their work against the success criteria.

Video one shows the lesson of using a hook in our writing.

Video two shows the students buddy checking each others work.

Extended Lesson Plan


My sound is still a recurring issue. This group has many soft spoken students, which make it challenging to record them. The first video I try and repeat what students have said so the microphone can hear it. The second video has better sound quality as the students had microphones closer to them. I also see that my whiteboard and whiteboard table make it hard to see what I am writing on the board- I will look into this in my next video.

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WALT- Use a hook in our writing

Remember to:

Use dialogue


Ask a thought- provoking question


Use descriptive language


Planning template

Lesson example - Shared Document

Copy of Writing Week 2

Examples for Digital Modelling Book

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