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The lesson was on the create bit of Learn Create Share. Students had to plan and create something to share their knowledge about the people's emotions and feelings that they go through in an event of a natural disaster.

Extended Lesson Plan

This is what the class created. Students created a mural to share what they know about people's feelings in times of an earthquake. They chose to use words to share what they see, hear, smell and feel when in a natural disaster.

Over all reflection - It was really great to see one of the groups plan to make a piece of Art to share people's emotions. This idea was liked so much by the class that they all pitched in to make a big mural with all sense words. They decided to paint a slip in the middle of the mural to show an earthquake.

What went well.

Lesson Content :- Students could refer to people's feelings and could relate well to the sufferings that people go through in an event of a natural disaster. Students learnt a lot of new vocabulary in the process of brainstorming sense words.

Lesson Pacing :- The lesson was well paced as students already had some idea about the loss of life and property that happens during a natural disaster.

Student Understanding :- Pictures and videos that were shared with the students in the previous lessons gave them an idea of the kind of loss that happens when there is a natural disaster. I gave them better words when they said somethings like - " sad" or "unhappy". They understood well and started to use more powerful words to describe people's feelings.

Student Outcomes :- Making a word mural was a great outcome which I had not envisaged. It has also served the purpose of a word wall for children to refer back to when writing.

Later on each student created a word cloud to make their digital mural.

What still needs work.

Lesson Content :- I could have revisited feeling words before the lesson as a prep up. However it went well as one of the students came up with the ideas of using sense words and the whole class agreed to categorise emotion words into sense words.

Lesson Pacing :- It took them some time as they had lots of discussions on how to represent their learning in a form of an Art.

Student Understanding :- A few students are still trying to understand the whole ideas of representing learning in a form of Art. These students need another go at a similar activity to clarify their understanding.

Student Outcomes :- There were a few students who are still learning the idea of representing their learning in a form of an Art. These students are learning that create is not just about making a DLO, Create can take any form - a poster, artwork, model etc.

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