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It is the beginning of Matariki. I told my Maori students that they were the knowledge holders because Matariki is the festival celebrated by the Maori in New Zealand. I provided them some videos and texts to read. At the end of the lesson I expected the students to create something to share with the world about Matariki celebrations.

Extended Lesson Plan


What went well.

Lesson Content :- We were learning about Matariki the Maori new year. A selection of videos and reading texts were provided for students to learn about Matariki. Children were very engaged to find out about the festival that reflected their culture.

Lesson Pacing :- Students had to create something to share ideas about Matariki. It was pretty self driven though students required some facilitation when writing dialogues and narratives about the festival.

Lesson Delivery :- This session was when students were writing a big book to read to their younger buddies. The group did well selecting specific words for the narrative.

Student Understanding :- Students were very motivated to plan and then share their ideas through the medium of their choice.

Student Outcomes :- Students know about the Maori new year and can make connections with the new years celebrated in other cultures. They can now confidently talk about the festival as they have had lots of repetition through reading, writing, presenting and role plays. It helped a great deal with narrative writing. The new vocabulary lent a lot of language learning in a meaningful way.

What still needs work.

Lesson Content :- I would like students to be more proactive with their learning. This could be done by they themselves researching and finding facts about the topic.

Lesson Pacing :- Some students in the groups required more encouragement than others to stay motivated on the task.

Lesson Delivery :- Working with different groups became a bit tedious at times but the final outcome was rewarding.

Student Understanding :- Having multiple opportunities to listen to, watch, speak and write about the topic helped everyone in recalling and retelling their stories about matariki.

Student Outcomes :- It could not have been better as everyone was buzzing about Matariki.

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