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In the video, I have made students form an oral paragraph. I tried this because my students were not able to hold the ideas together into meaningful sentences. Giving them time to think and say their say their sentences aloud helped them to write their ideas in a sequence.

Extended Lesson Plan


What went well.

Lesson Content :- Students noticed the captivating word groups in the transcript and used them in sentences of their own.

Lesson Pacing :- The pace of the lesson was good. It glided from one teaching point to another quickly.

Lesson Delivery :- This session was a part leading to writing. Having devoted enough time to narrate stories helped students to write their information reports easily.

Student Understanding :- Students were very motivated to use the new words in their information paragraph.

Student Outcomes :- Giving the right amount of support and scaffolding students by giving them meanings of new words helped students to understand the subject better.

What still needs work.

Lesson Content :- I would like the students to hear and notice clever words and word groups everywhere, till it becomes a habit to ingrain new words into their repertoire.

Lesson Pacing :- One groups required more support than the others. I will mix them with an expert child next time.

Lesson Delivery :- As I have been doing oral paragraphs for a long time now, children are able to do these faster.

Student Understanding :- Most students understood how to frame sentences and use new words in their stories

Student Outcomes :- Some students require more opportunities to recycle the new words so they can remember how they are used.

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