Direct Instruction

In the video, teacher is prompting students to instruct her on how to make fruit kebabs. The lesson was done so students could understand that they need to use correct words to convey their message. They were also prompted to speak in complete sentences.

Extended Lesson Plan


What went well.

Lesson Content :- Students started to speak in complete sentences towards the end of the lesson. They did realise that it was important for them to use specific words to convey their message.

Lesson Pacing :- The pace of the lesson was good. Children could see the difference they could make if they spoke in complete sentences and used specific words.

Lesson Delivery :- This session was a part of the whole lesson where students were learning to use specific words to orally tell their stories. Most students in the class achieved this.

Student Understanding :- Students were very motivated to use the new words they had learnt. They used these words in their instructional writing.

Student Outcomes :- Some students were Intrinsically motivated students and were giving a go at using new words in different contexts.

What still needs work.

Lesson Content :- More support is required as students need to continue to use the new words in different contexts.

Lesson Pacing :- Some time was taken away managing students as they became very excited to share their ideas.

Lesson Delivery :- It took a while for the students to hold the new vocabulary and sentence structures together in their repertoire.

Student Understanding :- Most students understood the purpose of the lesson. Their understanding will improve as I continue to plan for more such lessons on writing where deliberate opportunities are provided to re-use and recycle new vocabulary in a variety of contexts.

Student Outcomes :- Some students need to revisit the new words to pronounce them correctly and also need to recycle the new words in different contexts.

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Note to everyone

Dear Class,

I do not know how to make fruit kebabs. The other day you all shared that you know how to make them. Would you please show me how I can make fruit kebabs for my weekend get together with my friends.


Mrs. Sharma

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