Direct Instruction

The lesson is where students are participating in a technology challenge. Children understand that needs lead to innovation . The lesson is a done in collaboration with another teacher, Mr. Roy Kelly.

Extended Lesson Plan

Over all reflection - Students understood why technology is important. They also understood that needs of people drive them to make technological changes. Linking the topic to the real changes that are happening in the community helped students to learn and understand better. They were excited about the technology challenge and understood how new inventions have to be tested for the affordances that were created because of the need.

What went well.

Lesson Content - Students are well aware of the changes happening to their community. The Panmure bridge is a part of it. They had learnt about the changes to the bridge in their previous topic when studying about the community and so the topic was very real for the students.

Lesson Pacing - The lesson was well paced and students moved on quickly from one concept to another.

Student Understanding - The content of the lesson was good. It provided opportunities for the students to understand how changes are directly linked to the needs of people. The topic was related to the changes happening in their own community and so it made greater sense to them.

Student Outcomes - Students understood how needs lead to innovations. For example in this lesson, we discussed about why it became important to add a bus lane to Panmure bridge. The students discussed the reasons well and at the end of the lesson also realised how technology plays and important part in innovations that suffice people’s needs.

What still needs work.

Lesson Pacing :- Students who could not make a steady bridge should have been provided another chance to make it. Some students could have designed a better bridge if they had more time.

Learner Generated Content

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