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The lesson a reading lesson on Global warming. Students have read a text on global warming prior to this lesson. The whole idea is so complex for children to understand that they needed lots of visits to understand it well.

Extended Lesson Plan

Over all reflection - It was a nice series of lessons that taught students about global warming, a phenomenon that was completely new to them. While learning about global warming, students learnt lots of vocabulary and used this both in oral and written language. There was also lots of critical thinking that students went through. They were willing to change their lifestyles like plant more trees, walk or scooter to school etc. They felt extremely worried about the environment and shared their ideas with their families. It made my heart melt when one mother came to me and said that her daughter refused to step into the car and insisted that she preferred walking to school. It is very exciting to hear our future generation feel the love for looking after the environment.

What went well.

Lesson Content :- As students had an idea of global warming it was good to take them through another lesson which taught them how human action were largely responsible for this change in climate.

Lesson Pacing :- The pace of the lesson was good as students quickly understood what was causing increase of greenhouse gases.

Lesson Delivery :- I could maintain the engagement of the students throughout the lesson.

Student Understanding :- Students understood what global warming was and what could be the effects of global warming on us. They also learnt how human actions were largely responsible for it.

Student Outcomes :- Students were very excited to take small steps in order to reverse the effects of global warming.

What still needs work.

Lesson Content :- The content of the lesson was excellent for children to learn about global warming, it’s effects and how they could contribute to make a change.

Lesson Pacing :- Students who needed longer to understand the concept learnt better of their peers.

Student Understanding :- All students understood that human actions were responsible for global warming and that they could at such tender age could also do something to protect the environment.

Student Outcomes :- A very comprehensive lesson where students did lots of reading, writing and thinking. They learnt lots of new vocabulary and participated in activities that allowed recycling of new vocabulary in written and oral language. The topic of global warming was very compelling as it requires changes in our lifestyles to protect planet Earth. All students understood that they needed to contribute towards the cause and that their contributions would be of immense help in the saving the Earth. It gave them a real reason for enhancing awareness amongst the people of their community. This lesson actually taught them some life skills and I am sure they will remember what pollution does and will remind themselves at least to grow more trees.

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