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The lesson was on the create bit of Learn Create Share. Students had to plan and create something to lift people's spirits when in a natural disaster.

Extended Lesson Plan

Students collectively created a painting of the tree. It carries a message. The message is that we can overcome all problems if we stay together and support one another when in a natural disaster. A tree was chosen because it has lots of leaves that stick together and trees are also the life givers as they produce oxygen. The black in the painting represents sadness and white represents strength.

Children envisaged that if people in a disaster saw this painting, they would be reminded of being calm and support one another and stay together.

Another group chose to make a peace sign with the broken china which they might come across when in an earthquake. The peace sign would remind people to stay calm and also send a message of rebuilding - from the rubbles to something beautiful.

The third group decided to make cards with a picture of a sun to remind people of the light it brings after the dark night.

The fourth group decided to sing hymns and songs to lift people's spirits. Some students who go to church also believed that singing in praise of God would provide strength.

Over all reflection -

It was a good lesson as students could think outside the square. They came up with some very original ideas like - making something from debris, singing songs together and playing music to calm themselves. It was great to listen to one of the students who came up with an idea of staying together as it symbolises strength. When I further questioned on how they could show this through Art, they had several ideas to share like - painting people together, families together and a bunch of flowers. I am very excited about how students can now easily relate to Art and are beginning to represent their ideas through Art.

What went well

Lesson Content :-. Students had read a text on how artists in Christchurch had painted on walls to cheer people who were impacted by the Earthquake. This prior knowledge provided a basis for the lesson. So most students instantly came up with an idea of painting something to lift spirits of people.

Lesson Pacing :- Students came up with plans and generated some original ideas like making something from trash and singing together. Since we had already made a mural previous to this lesson, it became easy to extract ideas out of them.

Lesson Delivery :- It was quick and flowed smoothly from one step to another.

Student Understanding :- Students understood that it was important to stay calm and support one another when in a disaster.

Student Outcomes :- I was extremely happy with the outcome. Children tried their very best to create something that would really help people to stop thinking about their losses and focus on life and creativity when in a natural disaster. Most Students have learnt to keep their audience in mind before creating something. It is also nice to see them move from making DLOs.

What still needs work.

Lesson Content :- A few students who did not participate much during sharing time seem to understand most of the ideas that were shared. I am hoping that they will be more active participants when we take up another lesson on natural disasters.

Lesson Pacing :- Some students in the groups required more encouragement than others to speak. It was good to see the other team members supporting their peers.

Lesson Delivery :- It was a well paced lesson but I needed to help students who could not make much connection to Art.

Student Understanding :- All students understood that natural disasters can be very traumatising and that people suffer through loss of life and property. So it is important to keep oneself calm and involve in creative and supporting activities.

Student Outcomes :- Very pleased with the outcome. It was great to see how students have become such creative critical thinkers who think about their audience before sharing their creative product.

Class Site Content

This was a reading task on what artists had done to lift people's spirits when the catastrophic Christchurch earthquake happened.

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