Video 1 - Setting group norms

CoL8 group norms.mp4

Video 2 - launching the problem

Col8 part 2.mp4

Video 3 - students working in groups to solve the problem

Col8 part 3.mp4

Direct Instruction

My school are currently in our first term of implementing DMIC maths (Developing Mathematical Inquiry Communities). It is a problem-solving approach where students are in mixed-ability groupings, and the problem is pitched at the level students should be at. The questions are also designed so all students, regardless of Stage/level, can access the problem in some way.

DMIC has a very structured lesson format which teachers should follow. You can read an in-depth description of these here. I have put several videos of different parts of the DMIC lesson.

Video 1 - group norms

Video 2 - launching the problem

Video 3 - students working in groups to solve the problem

The links at the bottom of this page are for an independent follow up task that this group of students completed the following day, when the other half of the class was solving this problem.

Extended plan here.

Reflection on the video clip

  • During the group norms and launch of the problem, I kept calling on Lily. I need to ensure I ask all students.

  • There is too much sunlight on the students faces in the video - I should have rotated the way they are facing or filmed during a different part of the day when there wasn't as much sunlight.

  • I talk too much - need to let students do more talking and for myself to be more passive.

  • I was not using the right 'phrases' from DMIC such as “What is the story about?/ What do we know from the story?” “What are we trying to find out?” - I paraphrased and asked them in my own words, but DMIC is very prescribed so I should be using their phrases.

  • Getting students to repeat key pieces of information was good.

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