Ep 16.mp4

Direct Instruction

To finish off our measurement unit, we learnt about direction/orientation.

The video shows our initial discussion about orientation, where I was checking the prior knowledge of the students.

The focus of this lesson was to try and get students to be able to make statements about how two things are related to each other (E.g. Point England school is to the North of Tamaki Primary School).

Then had a create task, where students responded to each others creation via blog commenting (this was also another way for me to check students understanding).

Extended plan here.

Reflection on the video clip


  • Students could talk to each other and respond to questions about orientation/direction.

  • Students making connections to previous learning (E.g. we learnt about compasses as part of our Space inquiry last term).

Things to think about

  • Although I closed the blinds, the sun reflecting off the whiteboard means you can't really see the drawing or what I had written. Possible using a different colour white board marker would have been better, or filming at a different time of day.

Class Site Content

Term 4, Week 8 - Maps/Orientation

WALT to navigate using cardinal direction

SC I can use specific directions to describe a location

Monday -

View this Google Drawing and make a screencast with your buddy explaining what you can see. Use the cardinal rose to make statements.

Tuesday -

After the Santa slideshow together -

1. Create your own Google Drawing map using any pictures or icons you like (have around 5 pictures).

2. Post this on your blog.

3. Comment on at least 5 of your classmates pictures with a statement saying how to of their pictures are related to each other. (If you have forgotten how to do this, go back to the Santa slideshow and practice).


Learner Generated Content