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Direct Instruction

We have been working on recounts and students are getting quite confident with the structure it should have. I wanted to have a fun activity that required students to use topic-specific vocabulary which they could then use in writing.

Another thing I try to get across during this lesson is getting ideas in the right order - sometimes my students miss parts of the story so its jarring to read. Throughout the brainstorm I often remind them of something that happened to ensure they remember it. Over time I expect to do this less and less.

Extended plan here.

Reflection on the video clip


  • Students were able to use very specific vocabulary (tent, fly, pole, peg, inner layer, outer layer).

  • I loved how at one point, Timote says 'tubes', then Paula whispers 'huh?' with a confused face, then Keru points to it and says 'the circle thingys'. I love that they are helping each other understand new/technical vocab so they can all use it.

  • At around 2:44 - Timote is sharing a sentence and improves his own vocab by changing from 'puts' to 'squeezed them'

  • At certain points, my two ESOL students share their thoughts (sometimes by pointing, sometimes orally trying to explain) and everybody values their answers.

  • Students got the chance to plan on Padlet which they had never done before.

  • Students had fun doing this activity and learnt new words that they could use in written text. This is the main goal.

Things to think about

  • Timote shares a lot and a few contributions from other students (some moments got cut), however a couple students said nothing at all. I need to check in with those people not saying anything and try to get them more involved.

Class Site Content

Tuesday writing.

Non-Kapa Haka students (Tuesday)

Camping recount -

1. Open the link to padlet - record your ideas during the discussion as this is our planning platform.

2. Read through everything everybody writes to remind yourself what has happened and get ideas from your friends.

3. Write a recount using the plan created on the Padlet. Make sure you go back and check it as you go!

4. Use the check-list to check your writing.

5. Share your recount on your blog.

Learner Generated Content