Direct Instruction

We have been learning about natural disasters for our inquiry topic, which led to us reading and learning about Climate change.

Over two days, we read and annotated (highlighted, underlined, drew pictures, arrows, defined words, etc.) the text.

On the third day, we reread the text now that we had broken it down and developed our understanding more. We discussed and could make connections to other things we had learnt about which we were unable to do in the first read of the text.

The blog posts below were done on the fourth day, where students reviewed key vocabulary from the text and defined it in their own words.

Extended plan here.

Reflection on the video clip

  • Some students not as engaged as others - two boys sitting furthest away from me.

  • Awesome connections made to other topics (e.g. root words, tectonic plates, Pangea and the stone age).

Class Site Content

Term 3, Week 7

WAL about climate change.

Once you have finished reading and annotating your text, review the key vocabulary by making a screencast with this slideshow on your screen.

Make sure you can see your face and hear your voices!

Vocabulary screencastify activity.

Climate Change Vocabulary

Learner Generated Content