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Direct Instruction

After finding the 'odd one out' and ranking the natural disasters, I wanted to push students even further to compare and contrast them, again with the focus of using new technical vocabulary and trying to get students to use new vocabulary to explain and justify their decision making.

I used two hula hoops to make a ven diagram. The first situation I gave (land vs. water), and students sorted the disasters (Video 1).

Video 2 - After we had discussed that, students came up with their own categories and sorted the pictures out, then had to work together to justify why each disaster belonged in whatever category they had put it in.

The blog posts below are the pictures of the other categories they came up with and an explanation of why they put each disaster in each category.

Extended plan here.

Reflection on the video clip

  • I wanted to turn the camera to see the kids faces more clearly as they spoke, and still aim back to the floor to see the ven diagram, but this makes the video jerky and fuzzy at certain points.

  • Interesting to see what categories they came up with on their own after the video as well.

  • Although Timote and Davlyn sort of led the discussion and placing of the pictures, it is cool for me to see others (who don't normally contribute at all) sharing their opinion or explaining a decision that was made.

Class Site Content

Term 3, Week 6

WAL about sinkholes, blizzards, dust storms and wildfire

SC I can explain in my own words what sinkholes, blizzards, dust storms and wildfire

Independent task: INFORMATION REPORT

WALT compare and contrast

SC I can find similarities and differences between natural disasters.

Independent task: Use the pictures taken to help you explain what differences and similarities you could find between the natural disasters.

Learner Generated Content