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The learning intention for this lesson was for the learners to work collaboratively to understand what a letter is. Learners would then write their own letter.

This lesson is the 1st of a 3 part project that I'll be doing with this group of learners about building huts.

The video shows a reading/writing lesson where the learners are focusing on understanding what a letter is and then writing their own letter.

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This is a start of a mini project that I'll be doing with these learners. Before I taught this lesson we discussed what we would be doing and this was very engaging for my learners. I introduced the idea of a letter to the learners and from their response I could understand that some of them were familiar with what a letter was and some weren't. I need to stop talking so much and get my learners leading more of the conversations and this is something I'm continually trying to do, I found it hard in this lesson because the idea of a 'letter' was really hard for them to understand. The video doesn't show us talking about how we finish our letter, or much about what we will write in it because I let my learners decide how they would write it. My learners were really engaged in writing their letters and getting them finished and had to be reminded that it was a process that we had to go through or we couldn't build the huts. I left the date and the middle of the 2nd letter out because I wanted the learners to be able to see it and fix it.

Things to note

It was a complete coincidence that Mr Jacobsen (Associate Principal) came into our class but I left it in the movie because it made it real for my learners and gave them more of a purpose and motivation to write. The filming on one camera stopped halfway through so you can see that the 2 camera views stop halfway through the movie. I'm having to constantly move my phone around to capture the audio especially for some of my more quiet learners.

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WALT: understand what a letter is and how to write one.

  • We will be working as a group to understand what a letter is we will then write our own letter to Mr Jacobsen.


We will discuss what a letter is and why people use them. Why do you think we need to use one? We will talk about the different parts of a letter, the greeting, the body and then the ending with the signature.


Learners will send their letters via email and will wait for a response from Mr Jacobsen. We will focus on what we are going to be saying in our letter, what is important?

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