Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was for the learners to work collaboratively to understand the steps of changing a tyre on a car. Then learners will go outside and change the tyre on a car.

The video shows a reading lesson where the learners are focusing on the discussion and then a hands on session.

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This was so engaging, for a majority of this lesson all of my learners were engaged. The boys loved it because it was hands on and it was something that they were interested in. They wanted to learn about the tools and how to use them because they knew they would be using them after we had read together. When filming I would've had a second camera outside and next time I would've spent more time outside recording the conversations we were having while changing the tyre because they were awesome. I liked having the learners by themselves talking about the steps although as you can see they can get distracted very easily. I think I need to make the instructions simpler and more direct so it is easier for the learners to follow. Doing something outside like this can be such a great opportunity for your learners, I had three quarters of my class outside doing their work so it is manageable.

Things to note

During the video we had another man (Mr Andrews) come and help, he is a caretaker at our school but has a lot of knowledge around cars and he was able to show the learners exactly how the jack worked. The audio outside didn't pick up very well through my microphone as it was quite windy so I used the audio from the camera therefore was unable to capture some of the conversations we were having.

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WALT: understand new vocab and learn how to change a tyre on a car.

  • We will be working as a group to understand new words that we are reading and to work together to create the steps to change a tyre.


We will discuss the different tools that we will be using and the safety measures that we will have to be mindful of. We will talk about the steps and why they are all important.


Learners will work outside to change the tyre on a car then they will interview each other about their experience and make movies to put on their blogs.

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