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The learning intention for this lesson was to create a storyboard and film a movie using the descriptive writing you've created. We were focusing on using a Storyboard correctly and learning why we use storyboards.

This video also shows learners editing their movies that they've created.

Previous to this lesson my learners crafted their descriptive sentences.

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My learners are really enjoying and engaging in movie making. Looking at back how I started the lesson I would've probably given learners an example of how to do a storyboard effectively. I found that my learners were spending a lot of time on drawing pictures rather than writing and planning. I also realize I didn't get much footage of me directly teaching what a story board is. Next time I would probably have the two small groups sitting at different tables because they were getting distracted by each other a bit. Next time I'll film more of the discussions that they're having outside as well.

Things to note

Making movies is new to my learners so they were a bit hesitant with it and weren't extremely confident. Next time I will probably leave the mic with them and walk away to capture the discussion they're having while I'm not there. I'm still trying to get better with the audio, moving my phone closer to the speaker.

Class Site Content

WALT: create a storyboard and film a short movie based on the descriptive writing you created.

  • We will be using a story board to plan our movie.

  • We will be filming our short movie, thinking about what kind of shots to use to add the best effect.

  • We will be learning how to use iMovie to edit our movie.


We will talk about what a storyboard is. We will discuss the different shots that we could use in our writing and how to use iMovie.


We will share our movies with the class and will share on our blogs.

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