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Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was for the children to work collaboratively to understand what happened to the 'Rena' ship and to understand the environmental damage that was caused because of it.

The video shows a reading lesson where the learners are focusing on the discussion.

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This was a fun lesson to teach because it was an engaging topic. These boys loved learning about what had happened to the ship, and the following lesson the learners were wanting to know how they could help if anything was to ever happen like this again. I liked these angles that we had as you were able to see the learners more. I'm still trying to make my lessons more of the learners talking, I get to carried away and keep talking. Looking back at this lesson, I could've gone deeper and talked about so much more with this article and text. The videos that we watched were really engaging and created a lot of discussion points that we talked about in the following lesson.

Things to note

During the film you can hear other learners from our space as it was pack up time, my learners were engaged so wanted to keep going for a bit longer. You can also see that there is a learner that is continuously checking the cameras as last time we filmed I had a few difficulties and they were turning off. Slowly getting better with the audio.

Class Site Content

WALT: understand what damage the 'Rena' caused to the environment.

  • We will be working independently to complete our activity and to record ourselves explaining what we have learned.


We will talk about the Rena and what actually happened. We will discuss the wider impact it had on the environment. Then we will discuss the impact that this had on the community and how people were able to help, or what we would've done to help.


Learners need to complete the activity then record themselves talking in their own words about what happened to the Rena and Astrolabe Reef.

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