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The learning intention for this lesson was to write a recount about our Pt England School Wheels day (all of the kids are able to bring a set of wheels from home for the day eg. bike, skateboard etc.) We focused on using the 5 W's when writing our introduction.

The video shows a writing lesson focused on the discussion before writing their recounts.

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This was quite a fun lesson to teach, I tried a couple of different things during this lesson as you can see. I read that giving students specific instructions with a time frame can help them focus. This really helped especially for my boys. They knew exactly what was expected and it was broken down so they knew what to write. When I'm in front of the whole space the sound doesn't pick up some of the kids because of the distance, something I will look into. It's a lot harder to keep all students engaged when your teaching a lesson to the whole space, so some of the kids are getting a bit restless at the end. I realised that when I was pointing at some of the words on the board that some of the students were unable to see the words.

Things to note

There was another teacher teaching with me (Gill Crake) who was a reliever in our space for the day, she has a fountain of knowledge, and we were very blessed to have her help. I only used one camera so wasn't able to get multiple angles, as the footage of the other camera didn't turn out that great.

Class Site Content

WALT: write a recount based on an experience we've had, we are focusing on using the 5 W's.

  • We will be writing about the Pt England School Wheels Day that we had yesterday.

  • We are remembering to use full stops and capital letters at the start and end of our sentences.


We will talk about the basics of writing a recount. We will discuss what happened on wheels day. We will talk about what all the different children brought to school.


We will read our sentences out to the class and then you can share your writing on your blog.

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