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The learning intention for this lesson was for the children to work collaboratively to understand what a flight attendant was. They would then create a movie as if they were flight attendants on their very own 'Pt England Airways'

The video shows a reading lesson where the learners are focusing on the discussion before creating a movie.

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Looking back at the video I had a few more technical difficulties the audio is a little bit out from the video and I'm unsure why that is. The sound quality is a whole lot better. I have forgotten about giving the learners 'wait time' in this lesson something I need to fix. Still working out the best angles to teach a small group lesson so you are able to see all the learners. I feel like its becoming more natural filming myself, I realise that I still move around a lot and get distracted throughout the lesson though. My learners are becoming a lot more natural with the camera being on them, even when I'm not filming I've put the camera out just so the children are more familiar with the camera being on.

Things to note

The camera that was facing me goes very blurry at parts and cut out during the lesson, hence the one angle at the end of the movie. I've changed one of the settings on thee camera so it should get better in the next episode. I realised I continued asking the same students for the answers. The learners filmed and edited the whole movie.

Class Site Content

WALT: understand what a flight attendant is and what they do for a job.

  • We will be working in a small group and will be creating a air safety video flying on 'Pt England Airways'


We will talk about flying, what it is like. We will look at different phrases through out the text. Then we will discuss the different jobs that a flight attendant does for their passengers.


The movie that you have made will be shared to the class and will be put on your blog for everyone to see.

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