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The learning intention for this lesson was for the children to blindfold there friends and lead them around our home made obstacle course. We then focused heavily on the 5 W's in their recount.

The video shows a writing lesson where the learners are focusing on the discussion before writing a recount.

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This lesson was with all of our year 3's in our space. The sound quality is still not to good, I tried plugging a microphone onto my phone to get better sound quality but have now realised recording straight into the phone gives you better quality. I also realised after watching the video I tell the kids "the first thing you need to do is..." about 5 different things, poor kids would've been super confused. There were 2-3 students that weren't in the shot throughout the lesson which I will need to fix next time. I also know it is hard to hear some of the kids answers to questions, something I'm working on! I also should have sent them off and given them one simple thing to do then bring them back as I found that what they had to do was to complex.

Things to note

I only filmed my year 3's as my year 4's were all testing at this point. The kids are getting a lot more comfortable around the camera, so they are starting to be more 'normal' in front of the camera. I'm still working on the sound quality, trying to get the best sound throughout the whole lesson.

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WALT: write a recount based on an experience we've had, we are focusing on the 5 W's.

  • We will be with a friend and will blindfold them and lead them around our obstacle course

  • We are remembering to use full stops and capital letters at the start and end of our sentences.


We will talk about the basics of writing a recount. We will discuss how the children felt when they couldn't see anything, and having to trust their friend through the obstacle course.


The writing you have completed is awesome, make sure you share it to other kids on your blog.

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