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The learning intention for this lesson was to write a recount about our experience flying the drone and our whole space catapult battle. We focused on using the 5 W's when writing our introduction. We also focused on editing our writing.

This video shows a writing lesson focused on the experience of flying a drone then the discussion before writing their recounts and some of the editing/sharing.

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This was a real fun lesson with lots of learning on the spot. I haven't done much teaching using the drone and my learners were very curious and had lots of great questions. My learners were so excited to get outside and loved seeing the amazing views that we saw. Next time I would make this into a more mathematical statistical lesson where my learners could have raced the drone and recorded the drone. There are so many learning opportunities with flying the drone and this was one of them, I look forward to learning more about engaging my learners' and giving them different learning opportunities next year.

Things to note

We were unable to use my phone for the audio because we were using it to the fly the drone, so when we were outside the audio is not as good as it could be. We were also able to get a bit of the drone footage that we filmed.

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WALT: write a recount based on an experience we've had, we are focusing on our introduction and editing and sharing our writing.

  • We will be writing about our drone flying experience that we had.

  • We are remembering to use full stops and capital letters at the start and end of our sentences.


We will talk about the basics of writing a recount. We will discuss what happened while we flew the drone. We will be discussing the vocabulary that we will be using.


We will read our sentences out to a small group then share your writing on your blog.

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