Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was to get better at quality blog commenting. This lesson was taught in 2 lessons. The 1st was filmed and was based on constructing a quality blog comment. The 2nd was then doing a movie review based on a movie selected from previous Manaiakalani Film Festivals..

This video shows a writing/reading/cyber smart lesson focused on the discussion before doing their activities.

My Team Leader - Helen King who I team teach with leads the lesson to our whole space.

Extended Plan Here


This was such a fun lesson to be a part of, my learners were really engaged as it was something different. They got a bit stuck with cutting out the different sentences to go with each movie. I would have spent more time scaffolding this, each sentence was specific to a movie, my learners got very confused by this and were just trying to quickly complete the task. The reason I left most of the teacher talk in during this specific lesson is that I hope that other teachers can use this task, it was highly engaging and my learners loved it. The 2nd part of this lesson my learners had to follow a template and make a movie review, they recorded themselves and it took a while for them to complete but it turned out really well! I think by doing this as an activity it shows multiple examples of quality blog comments that learners could be leaving. The second lesson where my learners made movie reviews took a lot longer than I expected but it was definitely worth it, they turned out really choice!

Things to note

During the lesson the audio was pretty good I thought. The 2 children at the front sitting on the chair were sitting in the 'birthday chair' haha. I had more footage of my learners working in a group but the conversations weren't as rich as I would have liked them to be. Our other camera isn't working, so only able to use the one camera.

Class Site Content

WALT: write quality blog comments on other classroom/learners blogs.

  • We will be learning how to structure a quality blog comment.

  • We are going to be cutting out sentences and gluing them onto a piece of paper that will make sense to the blog you will be commenting on.


We will look at this picture on the right and talk about what is a positive, helpful and thoughtful blog comment. We will then talk about how we have to cut and paste our comments.


We will post our comments on other blogs. We will share our movie review on our own blogs.

Student Activity -

Cut & Paste Activity

Movies we Reviewed - Slides

Movie Review Template

Learner Created Content

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