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The learning intention for this lesson was for the learners to gain an understanding of bike safety. Learners would be outside with the bikes then would come inside and complete a follow up activity.

This lesson was with Year 3 learners.

The video shows a bike riding safety lesson, the 2nd half of the lesson was inside unpacking what we had done and discussing the activity the learners needed to complete. You will hear me referring to ABC's throughout this lesson it means Air, Brakes and Chain.

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This was a lesson that I did just with our year 3 learners. This was a very engaging lesson that had needed a lot of management purely because the learners were so excited and wanted to get on the bikes and go for a ride. As you can see I had a teacher aide that was helping me during this lesson, with this many learners it would be advised to have a teacher aide or another adult helping, it takes a long time to check all the helmets are done up properly. I knew what I wanted to talk about during the lesson about bike safety but hadn't planned for what I wanted the learners to do while they were riding, rather than just having the learners ride around I wanted to have something structured for them so they could practise the skills they had learned. Learners did get a bit hot and restless when we got towards the end of the lesson but was easier to manage because they knew they could have a go on the bikes after the lesson. Learners were really engaged with the learning, I tried to make it as relevant as I could to their lives so they could understand the importance of the safety.

Things to note

As you can see the second camera was set up but it didn't record at all, had a few technical difficulties. Sound actually turned out a lot better than I expected, learners are getting better at talking to the phone and understanding where the phone is. During this lesson learners were really keen on helping others that were not as confident. I only recorded the practical part of the lesson as I thought this is the part that would be of the most use to the viewers, the second part with the follow up is quite basic.

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WALT: understand more about the safety precautions we need to take before riding around the streets.

  • We will be working as a group to go over basic safety precautions.

  • We will be learning how to use our brakes quickly if needed.

  • We will discuss the safety of using each tool.


Why are helmets so important? What kind of footwear do we need to wear? What are ABC's and why are they important (Air, Brakes, Chain). We will also discuss the activity that learners will complete once they get inside.

What is a brief? Why is it important to have a design? What safety precautions do we need to take when building our hut? Why don't builders start building straight away? We will then discuss each tool and how we will be using it.


Learners will complete presentation and make short movie reflections of their bike riding and post it on their blog.

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