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The learning intention for this lesson was to create a storyboard and film a movie using the recount writing you've created. We were focusing on using different camera angles. We were also focusing on the whole process of movie making, starting with the story boarding and ending with editing and sharing.

This video also shows learners planning and editing their movies that they've created.

Previous to this lesson my learners crafted their recount writing about cross country day.

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First of all, I know that this is a long movie but it provides all the important steps of explicit teaching around movie making. I spent a lot of time going over Key Competencies with my learners. My learners are really enjoying and are really engaged during movie making. Looking back I would have got my learners to come and demonstrate different shots with the iPad and got them to discuss why they would use each shot. A lot of the filming is managing the learners, if you set expectations high to start with it is a lot easier. I've found that once learners are filming they are so engaged in the process that they don't get that distracted if you give time frames as well. Looking back I think I would have stopped halfway through during the filming and did a quick recap on what shots we can use and why we would use them, learners tend to rush this process as they get really excited and just film it all quickly. My learners are all getting very familiar and confident with making movies, so we started looking at special effects when editing and different audio that will match our scenes. The conversations I had with the girls about their story board went really well, you can start to see they are becoming more confident with the process.

Things to note

The audio isn't the best, I should have passed the microphone around more when the learners were speaking and outside with the wind it is hard to hear as well. Keeping the movie that they are making simple always helps, as soon as you make it more difficult the learners start struggling, first of all they need to learn the process of movie making.

Movie Making is FUN!

I really encourage anyone watching/reading this lesson to give movie making in your classroom a go. If you are stuck for ideas or how to make it work please email me I would love to help. I have also created a google site that can help you linked here. On my class site content below I would normally put a movie on that learners had made previously to give them some more motivation. Feel free to use ours on my site above.

If you don't have an iMac in your classroom you can edit on the iPad as well. If you click here, this will show you step by step instructions on how to edit on an iPad.

Class Site Content

WALT: create a storyboard, film a short movie and edit it based on the recount writing you created.

  • We will be using a story board to plan our movie.

  • We will be filming our short movie, thinking about what kind of shots to use to add the best effect.

  • We will be learning how to use iMovie to edit our movie.


We will talk about what a storyboard is. We will discuss the different shots that we could use in our writing and how to use iMovie.

We will discuss the Key Competencies and expectations when we are outside before we film.


We will share our movies with the class and will share on our blogs.


Learner Created Content


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Blog Post


Blog Post

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