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The learning intention for this lesson was for the learners to work collaboratively to understand the building process. Learners would then go outside and build the hut they had been planning.

This lesson is the 3rd of a 3 part project that I'll be doing with this group of learners about building huts.

The video shows a literacy/design/construction lesson where the learners are focusing on understanding how to use different tools.

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This was so fun and hands on, the learners were so excited for this experience. They had been excited all week to be able to finally build their hut. We decided on only building one hut because of the amount of wood that would be needed. I found that if anything the boys just all wanted to have a turn and were at times impatient (this was kind of expected). I found the vocabulary that they had been learning started to flow more in conversations that they were having. Learners were able to talk about the tools and why we would use them before we used them. When we used the tape measure learners were able to discuss the length in correct units, this was awesome. The next step with these huts is to re design and then to gift it to our class so everyone can use it.

Things to note

Garth Jacobsen (Associate Principal) led this lesson as i'm not much of a builder (haha). This lesson took place in the caretakers shed. I really enjoyed learning alongside my learners, I thought it was cool to tell them that I was unsure how to do a lot of this building and to show them that we are all life long learners. I didn't realise how much noise the tools would make, therefore it is hard to hear some of the conversations my learners are having. It was hard to position the mic so it got all of the conversations that were happening in the shed.

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WALT: collaboratively use different tools to build our hut that we have designed.

  • We will be working as a group to go over the steps of building our hut.

  • We will be learning to use several different tools to build our hut with Mr Jacobsen.

  • We will discuss the safety of using each tool.


What is a brief? Why is it important to have a design? What safety precautions do we need to take when building our hut? Why don't builders start building straight away? We will then discuss each tool and how we will be using it.


Learners will build this hut. They will then complete a presentation discussing the different steps they took during the process.

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