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The learning intention for this lesson was for the learners to work collaboratively to understand what design is and why we have to do it. Learners were also learning to understand measurement and convert units.

This lesson is the 2nd of a 3 part project that I'll be doing with this group of learners about building huts.

The video shows a reading/math/design lesson where the learners are focusing on understanding the design process and understanding measurement.

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I really enjoyed teaching this lesson. As you can see the boys are really engaged and they are starting to understand the process and are enjoying it more. My learners loved using the tape measure and understanding exactly how it works and they didn't even think they were doing maths, how awesome! I feel like I stopped talking as much in this lesson and focused on the learners leading the conversations, although I still need to stop talking as much. There were a few learners that got distracted through out the lesson but they regained focus quickly. I definitely could have spent more time talking about the conversion between units and explained this using the tape measure better. My learners were quick to understand through trial and error how to measure and read the measurement. I was really proud of the designs that they created, the learners spent a lot of time designing their huts that they are going to build. The learners are really excited for Mr Jacobsen to respond to their letters and to start building their huts.

Things to note

One of the cameras stopped working halfway through the second half of the lesson so I was unable to get 2 different views. I also tried really hard to remember to keep moving my phone to capture the best audio. The learners were also very loud, I think that was just because they were excited.

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WALT: understand the design process and to use a tape measure.

  • We will be working as a group to understand why we need to design before we build.

  • We will be learning to use a tape measure and understand different units, we will look at converting centimetres and millimetres.


We will discuss why we need to design before we build. Why don't builders start building straight away? We will discuss converting units and how to use a tape measure.


Learners will send their letters and designs via email to Mr Jacobsen. We will focus on making our design as realistic as possible.

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