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The learning intention for this lesson was to make connections with prior knowledge and share our own opinions.

The video shows a reading lesson where the learners are focusing on whether animals should be in zoos or not. We then are lucky enough to speak to a zoo keeper and ask him some questions.

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This lesson was heaps of fun, the kids were engaged as they all cared about animals and loved zoos, knowing they were going to talk to a zookeeper at the end helped. The audio is a bit quiet in parts and that’s just me getting use to having it in the middle of the table and not letting kids get to far away from the mic. The children had a mixture of confidence levels and I found that I was always going to a couple of children for answers. The children loved collaborating to create questions to ask the zookeeper.

Things to note

When some of the children talk it is harder to hear than others. I need to get use to moving the mic around the table when the children are talking. You see there are lots of distractions throughout, my kids aren’t used to having a camera in the classroom but will get better as the year goes on. The camera angles weren't capturing the best shots, next time I will adjust this.

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WALT: make connections with prior knowledge and share our own opinions.



Our own opinions about animals in zoos.

Presentation Template

Use what you learned during our discussion and hangout with the zookeeper to complete the activity.


The information you have learned is very important, make sure you share to other kids on your blog.


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Webpage Article

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