Collaborative Mystery Solving

WALT: work collaboratively to solve a mystery

This is one of my classes favourite lessons to take part in. Together, they unpack unknown vocab and use clues to make inferences about who committed a crime.

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Lesson reflection:

  • When explaining something, I kept using the same words (eg when I was explaining the 'responding to each others ideas' question on Padlet). If students didn't quite understand what that question meant, I should have used different words to explain what responding meant.

  • When explaining tasks, drawing on students past experiences and giving examples that include the students helps them to understand.

  • Again when some students knew the answer, they were quick to blurt it out. This is a problem I will continue to have since I have a range of abilities and personalities in my group, so I need to make sure all learners get a chance to think for themselves. I did cut out the wait time in the footage, however I also need to encourage the students to share their ideas quietly with a partner. This would allow all students to get time to think and respond to my questions.

  • Something to note: during this lesson one of my learners was not participating as much or as enthusiastically as they normally do. I did notice this during the lesson and I was worried that this would really show in the footage. In an effort to pick them up, I tried to involve them more and changed my tact with them slightly. After the lesson, I spoke to them and discovered that they were unhappy because of something that had happened outside of the classroom. I think it is important to remember that kids bring things with them to lessons which may affect their level of engagement. However, it is my job to help my learners to overcome such situations.

Filming difficulties:

  • I filmed my first two episodes on consecutive days and did not check the footage properly after the first day. Therefore, I still have the glare coming through. I will make sure the gap between the curtains is covered when I film my third lesson.

  • The sound quality of the learners working collaboratively (below) is quite terrible. The camera/mic needed to be a lot closer to the students.

  • I also have a new camera which is much better than the camera I have used in my first two episodes. It also doesn't need to be plugged into my Macbook, which will mean that I can use my Macbook while I teach and hook it up to a mic.

Extra footage

Making inferences

This short clip is of a discussion about inferences. We thought about how we make inferences and what they look like in a story. Then, I explained that what they are doing in the task is using the reading skill of making inferences, as they are using for clues to form an idea

Learners working collaboratively to solve the mystery.

Our Quarterback is Missing! - Collaborative Mystery Solving

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