Statistical inquiry: quantitative and qualitative data analysis

WALT: sort data into frequency tables

Thanks to the wonderful NZ Teachers (Primary) Facebook page, we had 277 resonses to our survey! This lesson is about how we sorted all the data into frequency tables. Each student was responsible for a sample of responses. The whole class did this task too (with each student completing 10 of their own samples).

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Lesson reflection: Although this is something that is not at their level, I thought it would be great to introduce them to some new and tricky concepts. I also think teaching students about qualitative data helps to develop students reading skills, as they have to carefully read a text and find common ideas/themes across multiple texts. I think students did well at understanding the difference between qualitative and quantitative data. The YouTube clip was simple and clear, which really helped students to understand that quantitative was about numbers, and qualitative was about words.

Statistical Enquiry 2018

Extra footage

Introducing the lesson

Here I explained the purpose of the lesson and showed the group a YouTube clip to introduce quantitative and qualitative data. As you can hear, there is a lot of teacher talk as I try to help learners make connections between their PK and these new concepts

Sorting quantitative data

Here I set the students up with their sample of 10 responses to sort into their frequency tables. I model how to do the task, then students have a go on their own.

Sorting qualitative data

Here the group has a go at analysing qualitative data. I also explained that reading skills are used when sorting qualitative data, as students have to read a text and identify key ideas or themes across texts. This helped students to understand how to analyze qualitative data

Learner generated content

After sorting their data into frequency tables, the rest of the class did the same activity with the rest of the sample of responses. As a class, we analysed 277 responses! Students then created an infographic based on the results of the completed frequency tables.

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