Direct Instruction

The learning intention is to use instructions to create a computer programme (i.e. to create simple programmes involving outputs and sequencing).

The video shows the direct teaching where I explain how coding is giving a computer instructions. At the end of the video, you will see a few of the children off working on their projects.

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The camera angles were not the best in this episode, hence why most of the camera shot is from the one angle. I didn't manage to capture many of the children's spoken responses, other than it being off camera. This is a reminder of checking the camera set up before beginning the lesson.

I think, on reflection, some of the teaching was a bit advanced for some of these children. I would have been better to have gone into the "treasure hunt" of finding the code earlier on in this session.

Things to note

These students were all at various points of their projects. Some students had begun coding, and some hadn't started yet. 

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Learning Intention

We are learning to use instructions to create a virtual bridge challenge in Scratch.


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