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Direct Instruction

Learners get a choice to learn a times table that they struggle with.

At the start of this lesson I gave the instructions of what was expected of learners,

This is a whole class lesson with mixed level grouping, I tried to make sure there was a leader in each group. I did this lesson in their desk groups and was able to give out group points as the lesson went on.

I spent time sitting with each group helping them through parts where they were a little bit stuck or if they just needed some motivation.

This is the Google Doc this group worked on.

Extended plan here


I highly recommend doing this lesson with learners. Learning your times tables is a struggle teachers have with learners all over the world, students learn so many different ways, I had so many learners engage in this lesson and learn their chosen times table. I will definitely be doing something like this again, learners really enjoy the performance side and working with their friends. I spent a bit of time going over what music they should sing along to, the melody, rhythm etc. My learners were really keen on dressing up to perform, unfortunately our dress up box had been raided, should be good to go next time!

Things to note

I do drama with my class every week, they are familiar with what behaviours they need to have a successful lesson. This lesson was filmed after I had given my instructions as I wanted to show mostly my learners conversations.

Class Site Content

Term 2 - Week 8


  • creatively memorise one of our times tables.

  • complete a times table array


  • be able to answer all the times tables questions of your selected number.

  • get a better time than last week on your array.


  1. Today you are going to pick a times table that you and your group struggle with.

  2. Create a song, dance, rap or something creative sharing your knowledge on the times table you have been learning.

  3. Make sure you think about something that catchy so other people can watch and learn as well.

  4. If you need any help look at these 2 videos, they might help!

  5. Bruno Mars instrumentals are really good to use!

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