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Direct Instruction

The lesson focus today was to form an opinion based on prior knowledge, articles, journals and Youtube videos.

Learners then prepared for a debate, writing down there facts and preparing to rebut the other sides points.

I really enjoyed teaching this lesson, this was only the 2nd debate we had done together so they're still learning the process.

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I loved teaching this lesson, my learners enjoyed being able to rebut against the oppositions ideas and it was good for them to learn how to have a 'healthy argument'. My learners were quick to pick a side to this statement and got right into researching their key points. It took quite a bit of scaffolding for them to understand they have to write their rebuttals while the other group is speaking. It was good having a very precise structure for the debate. When doing this activity it will take lots of scaffolding and acting out different parts of the debate. My learners were really keen to rebut the oppositions rebuttal which was quite cool, they really got into it.

Things to note

Audio is getting a lot better and the camera angles worked well in this video. I filmed this in 3 different pieces; firstly, me explaining what was going to happen. Secondly, learners working together to come up with their points. Thirdly, the learners doing the actual debate. during the debate I skipped parts out, mainly just because of the time of the movie.

Class Site Content

Term 2 - Week 5


  • Analysing - I am able to distinguish between fact and opinion by identifying relevant language features the author has subtly used



  • We are able to understand the difference between fact and opinion and make our own opinion based on this.

Should Animals Be Kept in Zoos?


  1. Read the text; The Zoo Debate.

  2. Watch the videos on the slides.

  3. Read the articles on the site

  4. Complete this activity with a friend.

  5. Post on your edublog.

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