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Direct Instruction

We are learning to use partitioning to solve multiplication problems over 12.

At the start of this lesson I did a quick warm up game with my learners, they really enjoyed this and were engaged to start the lesson which was great!

This lesson is based on learners understanding the way to use partitioning to solve a more complex multiplication problem.

After the lesson I spent time explaining the activity to my learners.

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My learners and I really enjoyed this warm up, my learners reacted well to this as I've just been working so much on different ways of them learning their times tables. By getting the students making a sound and having to hit the table and giving them a little prize got a lot of engagement and them thinking about every problem. After watching this lesson it was great to see that my learners understood this strategy and could apply this to the problems that they were solving. Looking back I should have talked more about Petero's strategy rather than just going into partitioning the bigger number, this would've given him ownership of the strategy, given him a chance to explain his thinking to the group and why he uses it. My learners completed the activity correctly and were able to move on to multiplying 2 digit numbers, for eg. 18 x 24 =. I was happy with how this lesson went, my learners were able to explain their thinking at the end of the lesson which was a great success.

Things to note

The video camera angles aren't the best, one of the camera's cut out halfway and as I'm sure you would be aware one of my new learners to Class On Air thought he would have his face close to the camera and be a clown, things to work on! I was really happy with the audio with the new microphone I used. I'm going to make sure the angles I use for the next videos are better.

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Term 2 - Week 8


  • use partitioning to solve multiplication problems over 12.

  • solve word problems using our multiplication knowledge.



  • able to partition numbers to solve more advanced multiplication questions.

  • use our times table knowledge to answer more complex questions.

Mult Partition - Problem Solving


  1. Complete this activity about multiplication.

  2. Once you have finished these activities, post them on your edublog.

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