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Direct Instruction

We are learning to understand rotational symmetry and how to use mathematical vocabulary.

This lesson is based on learners understanding the direction of moving clockwise and anti-clockwise, rotating our bodies using the measurement of degrees.

After the lesson I spent time explaining the activity to my learners.

Extended plan here


Watching this lesson I loved to see the amount of engagement and enjoyment my learners had throughout this lesson. Kids love competition, I find if you can make things into a game our learners get really competitive and they listen that extra bit more. I enjoyed teaching this lesson, i'm trying hard to get extended discussion by getting students to respond to each other rather than waiting for me to speak or respond. My learners had a rather sound understanding of what direction Anti Clockwise and Clockwise were, however, as you can see they struggled a bit with rotation. My learners really enjoying writing with whiteboard markers on the table (it's the little things sometimes haha). Getting learners up and active is always good during the lesson! Although we spoke about rotational symmetry and acted it out a lot I didn't really talk them through the activity, I had another lesson following this where we spoke more indepth about the activity that they were completing.

Things to note

The audio in this was great, unfortunately one of the cameras ran out of memory half way through filming so for the 2nd half there is only one angle of the group work. I had taken photos of my learners work on my phone throughout the lesson, unfortunately they've been deleted off my phone. My kids are loving getting filmed as they're teaching, gives them more of an authentic audience to share their learning.

Class Site Content

Term 1 - Week 8


  • Understand what Rotational Symmetry and transformation is.

  • Be able to communicate you're thinking via screencastify.


  • be able to correctly finish the activity.

  • explain what is happening to each shape as it rotates and transforms.

Geometry Week 4


  1. Discuss rotational symmetry and transformation.

  2. Make a copy and complete these slides.

  3. Complete the activity in your maths book then take photos and insert them in your slides.

  4. Post all activities on edublog.

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