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Direct Instruction

We are learning to calculate and analyse data.

We went outside and everyone had a turn at doing each sprint at 20m distance; crouched down, standing up and on the ground. While we were doing this my learners were taking the times and recording their speeds.

We then discussed what we thought would have been the fastest way to run the sprint, following this we had a discussion about how we calculate the mean(average) and why it is important to do this.

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As I was watching this lesson back I realised that I ask my learners to give me a detailed answer, however, I am cutting them off from giving them a good answer and just getting a surface level answer. I also realised they were unsure about rounding up and down with decimals, so we went down that avenue for a wee bit, you should always take those teaching moments I believe. I also need to ask them the question 'What way is the fastest way to start when doing sprints?' at the start of the lesson rather than halfway through, to give them more purpose for wanting to solve these problems. Also realised that there wasn't much extended discussion I was having with my learners, need to get them talking about the learning more, use more talk moves. Way to much teacher talk. We were also suppose to get through more in this lesson, I found the kids needed more time on understanding how to calculate the average and why we do it.

Things to note

Last video of no masks, yay! I was unable to complete this lesson as we ran out of time. The audio was much better than the first lesson. As you can tell, my learners are starting to get really excited about being filmed and love the fact that they have an 'audience' to show everyone how 'brainy' they are. I completely forgot to film myself writing in my modelling book, will do this next time. When working on the activity my learners often use the modelling book to refer back to when they get stuck.

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Walt: To understand how to calculate the mean and analyse data.



Run the 20m race and analyze the data, we will then work together


Complete the activity on google slides.


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20m World Champ Sprints

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