Place Value 2 -

Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was for children to gain a basic understanding of Place Value in maths.

The video shows my focus group working in pairs to follow a set of simple directions using materials.

They learnt about using "bundles of ten" and putting the correct amount into the corresponding column in the Place Value house.

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On reflection I was introducing a prior maths concept of learning ones, tens and hundreds place value with three different ability levels. Encouraging repetition of new words and adding language to a young child's vocabulary is also crucial to the learning intention of this focus group. Sharing and turn taking of the materials is also important as it develops social skills needed for co operation. It is important to remind children about looking after their iPads at all times and talk about "Kawa of Care" such as giving your iPad a hug hold when carrying it around the classroom.

Things to note

Have a discussion about the Hundreds board and how we count in 10s to reach 100. Give an example on the whiteboard to show the children first. Follow up with video recordings on their iPads of their own participation and experience carried out with a buddy.

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Learning Intention

For children to learn the place value of ones, tens and hundreds.


Find a buddy and use the ice block sticks to make a "bundle of ten". Use the place value house (laminated copy) to place the ice block sticks into the correct column. Take a photo of your number and place value house and share it on a new EE. (Then upload it to your blog).

Place Value follow up -

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