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Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was for children to learn about Aboriginal Art from Australia.

The video shows children creating drawing their picture first using pencil and then using red, yellow, black paint and cotton buds to create "dot" painting.

Each child was then encouraged to blog their work onto their iPad and share what animal they painted.

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On reflection I have observed that some children in my class are quite creative and can draw realistic pictures using free hand. I had to encourage some other children to give it a go and not be worried about what their animal looks like. I realised that if these children had missed out on preschool education throughout Covid, then they would not had had much experience with painting opportunities. So for a number of children this was a novel experience.

Things to note

Using cotton buds is a fine motor skill that requires hand eye coordination and children need this as part of their physical development before the age of 7 years old. Each child can be proud of their own piece of artwork on completion and also blog about their learning in this area of Art and creativity.

Class Site Content

Learning Intention

For children to paint an Aboriginal painting based on the Dreamtime story called The Rainbow Serpent as part of our Inquiry for this term.


Show the children a story called The Rainbow Serpent. Have an oral discussion and brainstorm ideas about the main ideas of the story such as how the animals helped to create the landmark features of the Australian terrain and the Aboriginal people promised to look after the land thousands of years ago. Encourage each child to draw a picture that will be painted using the "dot" painting method.

Learner Generated Content


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