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Direct Instruction: The learning intention We are learning to write a thoughtful narrative with supporting picture.

The part of the lesson that is shown in the video is instruction and prompt given before writing and the children engaging in the creative writing and publishing process. You will see the learners creating books that are colourful and interesting for them as readers as well as as writers.

Lesson Plan

Reflection: This lesson had a great start especially as we started inn the afternoon all the children were excited to write and share their idea about Barty and what he might do at school. We had planned to continue this lesson the next day however I became unwell and had a week away. Luckily due to the models and the children having many photos to look back at children were able to jump back into these writing pieces when I returned.

Things to note: We moved the classroom around for this lesson into a U shape. This meant that all learners could see the subject of their writing and engage in the question asking. I am still wearing a mask due to personal choice in these video.

Our Barty stories

We are learning to write a thoughtful narrative with supporting picture.


Create a clear and detailed title page.

Insert your pictures and write a paragraph for each picture.

Record your story.

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