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Direct Instruction: The learning intention for this lesson was we are learning about sequencing event and we are learning to plan before we write.

The part of the lesson that is shown in the video is the shared creation of a model to support future writing. The children and I construct a piece of writing that they will later write sequels to. Then learners take pictures and create a plan for their own stories thinking about description and detail.

Lesson Plan

Reflection: The children were very eager to share their ideas and as such there was a lot of shared talk during this writing experience. All learners were excited to read the story back. They continued to ask questions and develop knowledge at this stage. They were eager to do their planning and had lots of great ideas. They used Explain Everything to plan in both and written and oral formate.

Things to note: We moved the classroom around for this lesson into a U shape. This meant that all learners could see the subject of their writing and engage in the question asking. I am still wearing a mask due to personal choice in these video.

Planning for writing our Barty stories.

The learning intentions for this lesson were we are learning about sequencing event and we are learning to plan before we write.


Work with your teachers to write a story about Barty's life so far.

Take a photo and describe what Barty looks like.

Take a photo and what Barty likes to do.

Take a photo and make a speech bubbles and write what Barty might say at school.

You can write and voice record your plan.

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Planning for Barty Writing

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