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Direct Instruction: The learning intention for this lesson was we are learning to write and ask questions.

The part of the lesson that is shown in the video is the building of oral language and knowledge through the asking of questions. Prior to this part of the lesson children had written a list of questions. During the video you will see them asking these questions and engaging with the answers. The answers to the questions are recorded on an Explain Everything Project which is share with the learners so they can use the new ideas and vocabulary in their story writing. To see this part of the process check out my next two lessons, modelling and planning for writing and story writing.

Lesson Plan

Reflection: This interview style question asking was so positive. The children all loved sharing their ideas and learning from each other. They found the information I was sharing with them relatable and interesting as it was something they had asked for and been involved in. Reflecting back on this lesson I feel having children formulate question is a very positive way of building vocabulary and something that can be done in any topic area. What I liked most was hearing the learners make connections to their own experience and their own animals.

Things to note: We moved the classroom around for this lesson into a U shape. This meant that all learners could see the subject of their writing and engage in the question asking. I am still wearing a mask due to personal choice in these video.

Questions about Barty

The learning intention for this lesson was we are learning to write and ask questions.


Look at the image and Barty. What do you want to know about him?

Write at least 3 questions to ask about him.

Look back at the information we gathered when writing your plan and story.

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