COA 3 Speech .mp4

Direct Instruction:

The learning intention for this lesson was we are learning about speech and how to record it in our stories.

The video shows children learning about speech and how speech is shared in written text. The children engage in shared reading in which we pull out the speech. After that we discuss the activity and the different levels of support children, listen, read, build and write the speech. The focus is on knowing where the speech marks go, who is talking and if it is a question or statement.

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Reflection: This lesson was so much fun. The children just loved being a part of the story and pulling out the speech. The somewhat dictation style of the activity help children easily engage with the text.

Things to note: During this time we had children isolating. Children from a year 4 class were split due to their teacher isolating. This meant that learners in this space were on Chromebooks and some on iPads. We have been planning as a team to reduce stress and allow sick teachers to recover and sharing this all in one spot on our class site so that children at school and at home access the same place. This has helped to keep children connected as they know what to do if they end up isolating.

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We are learning about speech and how to record it in our stories.


Watch the videos.

Choose your level and make a copy or download the task.

Create and read the speech, making sure the speech marks are in the correct place.


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