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Direct Instruction:

The learning intention for this lesson was: We are learning to listen and write using the correct punctuation.

The video shows the children building the understanding that oral and written language are connected. Children start by explaining what a dictation is. They then share their sentences which are recorded by the teacher modelling what they will do. This is followed by learners engaging with teacher made dictations with varying levels of scaffolding based on learner need. Children engage with these and then conference with the teacher to edit their writing.

Extended Lesson Plan

Reflection: The children love dictation as it gives them a chance to write and write loads without the mental strain that comes with developing ideas. I think of it kind of like the children actively engaging with a teacher created model texts. The positive things about it is that during the lesson I could see learners listening, speaking, writing and reading. The time I spent editing and discussing when the girls was incredibly valuable as it allowed me to pick up on key elements of the dictated text and discuss it with them in a meaning full way. A lot of the teacher preparation goes into these task but the benefits for learners is worth the effort.

Things to note:

During this time we had children isolating. Children from a year 4 class were split due to their teacher isolating. This meant that learners in this space were on Chromebooks and some on iPads. We have been planning as a team to reduce stress and allow sick teachers to recover and sharing this all in one spot on our class site so that children at school and at home access the same place. This has helped to keep children connected as they know what to do if they end up isolating.

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Dictation: Help!

We are learning to listen and write using the correct punctuation.


Choose the dictation for your level.

Listen and write what you hear.

When you have finished download the help image or draw your own picture and share your writing and picture on your blog.


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