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Direct Instruction:

We are learning to create art and share our feelings about it. In this lesson you will see children creating the arts that they will later explain. The children used craft foam and pens to make patterns, create a background and printed their trees. This was a fun lesson and help students connect with a different form of art.

Lesson Plan

Reflection: This lesson was a lot of fun but there was a lot going on. Children were doing different things and different times and we were always on busy with a task. It was great to hear children helping each others to create their stamps for printing. As a teacher I enjoyed seeing the difference in prints between those who thought carefully about the process and those who did not. This was reflected in how hard they pressed when creating their prints.

Things to note: We had some big camera issues with this lesson with footage not saving and angles were not great. I still wanted to share this lesson as it really shows how dynamic and art lesson can be.


We are learning to create art and share our feelings about it.


-Discuss what print making is.

-Create your stamp

-Create your background using dye.

-Print your lollipop trees.

-Take pictures of your arts and share what you did to create it.

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