Direct Instruction:

We are learning to read with fluency and expression. We are learning to discuss the characters feelings and actions. In this lesson we recap what we have already learned about fluency. We discuss the topic specific words in the book and connect this to our term theme, the arts. We practice reading with fluency and discuss the feeling of the characters Rebecca.

Lesson Plan

Reflection: The children have come a long way with their fluency and are beginning to be able to explain why they gave themselves that mark they did on the rubric. They were eager to learn the new words and already had knowledge around the context. I found it challenging to make sure I covered all the important parts of fluency without overwhelming the children. When we were reading i found two children were much louder than the third and this meant that when I was focusing on her my ears were drawn to the other readers. I am very pleased with the way in which they marked the rubric.

Things to note: The lesson took a slight detour when we played the Piano however this was connected to the story overall.


We are learning to create art and share our feelings about it.


Read your story with a teacher.

Talk about the words in the story.

Discuss how Rebecca feels and why she feels that way.

Record yourself reading and rate your fluency on the rubric.

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